Salted Lemons as in Morroco

Saltcitroner, marokkanske

Salted Lemons that have been underway for many months. A delicacy

Salted Lemons

This is probably the ultimate kind of slow food. If you provide quality lemons it is not a big deal to get a good result. It takes just a few months – at least.

Start by buying some good lemons. They must be organic, at least without surface treatment. The smallest are usually the best – not necessarily those with a thick layer of white flesh. You will also need some salt. If it is normal kitchen salt with iodine and anti-caking agent, you must shop for something else. Sea salt or Himalayan salt or whatever you can find can be used.

Saltcitroner, marokkanske

Getting started with salted lemons

Saltcitroner, marokkanskeFor a standard jar goes there five small lemons. Cut deep into each of them, approximately down to 2/3 the depth and fill a neat teaspoon salt in. Put the lemons in your jar so that they are quite close – so press had if necessary. It’s fine if the lemon juice comes, but water should very much like to be avoided.

It’s almost there

Saltcitroner, marokkanske

When the glass is full simply wait and wait

When the glass is full simply wait and wait
Place the lid loosely and put your glass on a plate. Within the first few days there should be some fermentation process that gives the great flavor to your salt lemons. Put the glass upside down from time to time so you are sure that all of the salt is dissolved.

Then wait for at least two months

Now it was your salted lemons should be ready. If you want to you can add spices from the start, such as chilli, star anise, cinnamon, etc., but my experience is that it is the simple recipe that gives the best results.

Try this example in a tagine: Here is my recipe with chicken


Saltcitroner, marokkanske

When your lemons have been a few months in the they should look just like to something like this

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