Rolled pork neck fillet

Rolled pork neck fillet in Sous Vide



Marinating the meat

And yes, you can cook it in a pot if you do not have a sous vide in your machinery park, but a sous vide gives just that little extra that makes it a little more “juicy”. Opinions are many on the cooking time, but my experience is that you get a little dull and gray roll if you get a lot over 68-70ºC. Of course, nitrite can make the pink look, but I have not used it here and texture and taste is more important than the color.
RullepølseSeasoning can be varied to your taste – but a good advice is that you should be generous with it. I’m not so mad about too many Christmas spices, so be modest in use of allspice and cloves, while there is plenty of pepper and thyme. Rosemary will also do well. If you have garlic powder in the house, it is good to replace the fresh garlic with this, especially for sous vide.


Spices and onions ready on the meat


For marinating

1 – 1½ kg pork neck fillet
2 teaspoons sugar
tablespoons salt

For the filling

10 whole all spice
4 teaspoons pepper corns
5 cloves
½ tablespoon sea salt
3 sprigs of thyme
1 clove of garlic
1 onion

RullepølseAnd if you cook it

200 g soup vegetables – onion, celery, carrot
2 sprigs thyme
2 bay leaves

How to

First, you have to marinate the meat. Rub it into the salt-sugar mixture and put it in a freezer bag. Leave it in the fridge about 24 hours, then rinse and dry it, fx with a paper towel.


Ready for the Sous Vide

Chrush your herbs and garlic in a mortar, chop your onion very fine and mix the ingredients and then spread them evenly over the meat. Roll it all and use, for example, small toothpicks to hold together the roll. Tie it with cotton string for food and remove the toothpicks and vacuum the roll. I will then give my roll 6 hours at 67ºC in my sous vide.

If you prefer to cook, it must simmer 1½ hours along with soup herbs in a pot. Let the roll cool in the pan.

The last thing you have to do is to press the roll. If you have a press made for the rolled pork there is no problem. I could not just find my own, so I put my in a baking tray and put another baking tray on top with something heavy to press. Instead of something heavy, you can constrict the trays together tightly with some twine. Your sous vide roll must be kept in the bag while the cooked one must be put in a freezer bag before pressing in metal stuff. Leave the roll in the fridge overnight and it’s ready.

Can be served in thin slices on white or dark rye bread with onions and strong mustard.


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