Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

OrangemarmeladeFrom November, it is season for clementines. Clementines can be very aromatic, in another way than other citrus fruits, as the acid is not so prominent. In addition, they are not so bitter, so you can use the whole fruit.

You MUST use organic fruits for this recipe. The clementines and oranges probably do not shine when you buy them (and they can be a bit hard to get hold of), but surface-treated and sprayed citrus fruits i a no-go. The other ingredients should also be chosen from the eco-shelf. I have added a lemon and an orange to add a little more acid, but use them only if you like it that way.


400 gr clementines
1 orange
1 lemon
1 vanilla pole
300 grams of sugar
1 knsp salt

How to

Wash your fruits in water. Cut your clementines into small pieces. Cut the skin of your orange and lemon with a potato peeler and avoid the white part – it’s bitter. Peel the last two, remove the kernels and cut them into pieces too. Put it all in a pot with vanilla and salt and boil over very little heat for an hour. Mash all (except the the vanilla pods) in a food processor or with a blender and put on glass.
Enjoy the marmalade on waffles, bread, croissants, ice cream or just like it is!
Be careful, it’s addictive.


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