Brisket in sous vide made as Corned Beef

Brisket in sous vide made as Corned Beef

Oksespidsbryst som corned beefThere are other places in the world to make use of brisket cutting as in Denmark. In England and on the other side of the Atlantic they marinate the meat for several days and long fry it. Corned beef means really just salted meat, but it is not that simple.

This is my variation in a Sous Vide. You need to cook it up to 72 hours at 60°C if the meat should not be like anything you can buy at the local shoemaker.

Spice mixtureOksespidsbryst lavet som Corned Beef

30 peppercorns
10 cloves
4 bay leaves
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 cinnamon stick cut into small pieces
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon mustard powder – colmanns
1 spk cane
2 spk coarse salt
1 pinch of chili powder (strong)
1 teaspoon smoked paprika

Oksespidsbryst lavet som Corned Beef

Mix the spices and pat the meat dry. Lubricate the meat with a little oil and rub the spice mixture on, place in bag with the coarser spices distributed, and the vacuumate it. Let the meat rest in refrigerator in the plastic until 72 hours before it should be served and then start up the machinery. When the meat after the three days in the Sous Vide is tender, take it up, unpack and perhaps a tour in the oven at strong grill. You decide how much, but remember that it should not turn into charcoal.
The accessories can wait a bit – but if you must have good bread, you also need to plan this.

Horseradish and radishes in cream

Oksespidsbryst som corned beef10 radishes
½ piece of grated horseradish

Radise og peberrodWhipped the cream very lightly, cut the radishes into tiny pieces and grate the horseradish fine. Taste possible with salt and and this is ready.

Bread and Coleslaw

Yes, it also needed. White bread is good for nothing – it must be something with taste more to catch up with the rest. The bread you see in the picture is a whole grain wheat bread on sourdough, which can easily match the other ingredients. Read how you bake one of Manitoba flour.
There are countless variations coleslaw or you can also see how to make Kimchi, if you are to something stronger.


Oksespidsbryst som corned beefCut the tender meat into thin slices and serve it with the other ingredients as a sandwich. You can of course vary the amount and length of the bread, but 1 to 3 sandwiches per person should be enough.
The sandwiches tastes fine when enjoying good beer.

Oksespidsbryst som corned beef

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