Mustard, fermented

Mustard, fermented

Mustard seeds and salt are all you need

Making your own fermented mustard is incredibly easy. The advantage is that you can make it exactly as you like it and that you are confident in the ingredients. So strong or sweet, rough or fine – you decide. The most difficult thing is to get mustard grain in a reasonable amount, at a reasonable price. I use here a mixture of yellow and black mustard seeds, the yellow ones are “mild” and the black ones are “strong”. The fermentation, in addition to making your mustard healthier, miracles with the aroma. You get a more tasty product.

This recipe is one you can vary forever. If you want to add chili, do it, if you want garlic and maple syrup in, do it.

Ingredients Day 1

100 gr yellow mustard seeds
100 gr black mustard seeds
10 grams of salt without iodine
about 1.5 dl apple cider vinegar
about 1.5 dl water
chili to taste

How to do 1

Mix it all together in a glass of appropriate size and set it aside at room temperature. Stir a few times at first (the salt should dissolve). If you do not have apple cider vinegar, you can use eg white wine vinegar or simply start with water and add vinegar later. Note that apple cider vinegar and apple vinegar are not the same.

Then we start. More water needs to be added later.

After 1-2 days, life should start with bubbles. If necessary, you can add more water as mustard grains usually suck quite well.

Ingredients day 5

Honey to taste
Vinegar as needed

How to do 2

When there has been life in your mustard seeds, they should be made into table mustard. I p

After several days and addition of water, the pulp is ready to be mast in a blender.

oured it all into that blender. Here it is you expect more rennet to add more vinegar

(I use homemade apple cider vinegar) to get a comfortable mustard. Add sugar, more chilli or whatever you need to taste. Run the mass on the blender, add more vinegar along the way if needed, and stop when the consistency is appropriate. It can easily take 10 minutes. Pour on glass and store in refrigerator. Please wait a few weeks before using your mustard.




The blended mustard

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