Mulled wine extract

Mulled wine extract

Glögg ekstraktThis recipe for mulled wine extract is inspired by a similar recipe I received from an old friend. I have chosen to make my extract light, as it can then be used with white wine, red wine or with apple juice. You can even make the mulled wine without alcohol, and then alcoholic drinks must be replaced with, for example apple juice, and this is fine too.

I use cognac and white port wine instead of rum and red port. The liquor can be replaced, but white rum do not taste like much, so … If you use red port wine, and want a pink mulled wine with white wine, it is also ok, but maybe a little weird 😉


Glögg ekstrakt1 cup of water
200 gr of palm sugar
1 pinch salt
1 teaspoon whole cloves
4 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon whole allspice
3 cardamom pods
3 star anis

1 eco-orange
1 eco-lemon
1 eco-clementine (can be left out)
1 ½ cup white port wine
1 cup of brandy

How to make it

Glögg ekstrakt

What a glorious mixture;-) It smells wonderful..

Cook spices, sugar and salt slowly until it is a syrupy mass. Give it the time it takes for the spices to penetrate – meanwhile enjoy how good it smells. It may take half an hour or more. Turn off the heat and add the citrus fruits. Let it all cool down to room temperature and then add portwine and brandy. Pour your mixture on a jar and leave it for some days.

Glögg ekstrakt

Palm sugar – raw!

You can make the mulled wine by mixing ¼ extract with ¾ wine, almond splits and raisins that have been sucked in a little bit of brandy.


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