Miraculous Jam

Miraculous jam of blood orange

Marmelade af blodappelsinThe method I use here I learned in Italy. In this recipe, I use blood oranges (sometimes called “red oranges”), but common good oranges can also be used. Of course, they must be organic.

Marmelade af blodappelsinUsually you should avoid the white part of the orange when making jam of them. It is the zest and the fruit meat that normally is used, as the white contributes with too much bitter taste. Here all parts are used to make a very aromatic and very mild jam! It takes a little bit of planning, but is worth the effort. I do not use very much sugar, but you can add more if you want to.

Marmelade af blodappelsinIngredients

1 kg of blood orange
600 g of sugar (eco)
1 pinch of salt
thickener *

How to cook it

Stir the oranges with a fork. Stir all the way to the meat. Put them in a bowl of water to soften. Push them “down” with a deep plate. The Marmelade af blodappelsinoranges must now be soaked for three days – change the water at least once a day. After the three days, the oranges feel soft and ready to boil.

Cut both ends of the oranges and discard these. Cut the rest into slices or terns to your taste and remove the seeds you find along the way. I like to cut my oranges into coarse slices, because it gives me the best marmalade. Cook all ingredients Marmelade af blodappelsinover low heat for half an hour, add thickener and pour on clean glasses. Keep refrigerated if you did not add a preservative.

* I use “arrowroot”, but corn starch or some ready-made mix such as Melatin can also be used. It’s up to you.

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