LimoncelloLimoncelloThis recipe I got at a restaurant in Lucca where I think that in terms of taste was hit bull’s-eye.

You probably know this drink and you’ve probably tried it in several variations. Often it is a very sweet fluid with a little lemon flavour that will be served at the end of a dinner – often a somewhat mixed blessing. Limoncello can also be a terrific good if it has the volatile aromas from the peel, without being too sweet. LimoncelloI make it from neutral alcohol (usually vodka), sugar and eco-lemons. The worst thing about making limoncello itself, is waiting, so you should just plan it. Allow at least a week or like more in preparation time.


Limoncello4 eco lemons
300 – 350 gr eco sugar
0.7 l alcohol, neutral tasting

How to

Wash your lemons and cut off the peel. It is important that you do not get the white with the peel, as this is where bitter substances are. I use a julienne peeler. Put your peel in a glass and pour  int he alcohol. Now wait for at least a week.

LimoncelloSqueeze the juice of the lemons, pour the sugar in and heat it in a saucepan until the sugar is dissolved. Save this in the fridge.

After one week you just mix it all – maybe it should be strained – pour on bottles and trying to enjoy it so you can keep it for some time…


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