Banana ice cream – the easiest in the world

Banana ice cream – the easiest in the world

Banana ice creamBanana ice creamMaking ice cream from bananas does not require the big cooking license. It’s some of the easiest dessert you can make, and at the same time it’s cheap. I just grabbed a bunch of ripe eco bananas in the supermarket for 0,3 € for seven in the “do not waste-food-box”. Then turn on the deep freezer and find a food processor or blender and you’re done.

Banana ice creamIngredients

7 ripe bananas (or whatever you have)

How to

Peel your bananas and cut them into smaller slices. Put them in a bag and freeze them. When frozen, they are blended until you have a very uniform mass. It may take some time – but it’s important that the mass gets completely Banana ice creamfine to make it airy. If it’s hard to get started with the frozen banana slices, add a little milk or cream to get started.

If necessary, fill the banana mass into a bucket and freeze it a little more. Otherwise, your banana ice cream can be served with flower petals, apple syrup, roasted almonds, or Banana ice creamwhat ever you have to flavour the ice cream.

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