Form Bread of wheat from Öland

Form Bread of wheat from Öland

Formbrød af ølandshvedemelFormbrød af ølandshvedemelIt should be no secret that I love Öland wheat flour. It is aromatic, always organic and mostly possible to make really good bread of, if you just take a few precautions. I like to make it a clean cut – only use Öland wheat – without mixing eg. plain white wheat flour. It can give a little hassle in the process because you have to Form Bread of Öland wheat flour, to work on a very wet dough and expect that the process takes time to get a juicy bread. When making a thin dough it is often easier to use a form.
I found a bag of flour in one of the discount stores offer boxes. It seems that it is Skærtoft Mill behind the trademark, so it appears to be good quality. I’ve got the fine grounded type, where there are opportunities to get a light, juicy bread.

Ready to raise

Ready to raise

I have a sourdough “running” that is being used for the lighter types of bread. Originally I make the sourdough of little bit of yeast and some Öland wheat flour, and it is also this flour it is made of with when I used it. It must be used frequently, otherwise it can become too acidic, so if we have been on holiday, then just start a new dough when you arrive at home. Here is the recipe for a small loaf.

Raised to the double - ready to be baked

Raised to the double – ready to be baked


1 large cup sourdough
½ kg Öland wheat flour
2½ cups water
1 teaspoon salt


Please be aware that times are indicative only. You need to visually watch the process.

Mix the sourdough, water, salt and ¾ of the flour. I use a mixer where I run it at least 5 minutes or more. Leave the dough until you can see there is activity. It can easily take an hour. Add, while mixing, as much of the remaining flour that you get a thin dough that pulls long strings, but just so you can treat it.

Let this mass raise the approaching twice the size. It can easily take about 4 hours. Stir back into the machine and fill it then in to a greased baking form. Let it rise to at least double. Let it raise on a warm floor – remember it is important that you use the time it takes. Be careful to handle your dough very gently. The dough should preferably not fall – it is very fragile.
When the bread is ready, put it (carefully) in a heated oven for about 35 min. at 210ºC. When it is baked – golden brown with crust – take it out, and take it out of the form after some time. Formbrød af ølandshvedemel

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