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Banana ketchup

Avoid food waste of ripe bananas Often there are offers of so-called over ripened bananas in the supermarkets. Do not be fooled: bananas must be well ripened to use …
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Miraculous Jam

Miraculous jam of blood orange The method I use here I learned in Italy. In this recipe, I use blood oranges (sometimes called “red oranges”), but common good oranges …
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Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade From November, it is season for clementines. Clementines can be very aromatic, in another way than other citrus fruits, as the acid is not so prominent. In …
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Duck Liver Paté

Duck Liver Paté This can be a really nice for a snack or starter. Try it for example on a good piece of bread, possibly with a little sour …
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Picalilli This is a traditional recipe for picalilli using seasonal vegetables where you get a nice pickle you can use with everything from cheese to meat or as the basis for remoulade. …
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Pesto with parsley

Pesto with parsley I often make pesto with parsley when it’s  season. Although I think that I grow a lot of parsley, there is almost never enough. If you need …