Bread with dates

Bread with dates

I recently tasted a similar bread with dates on a farmers market in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is my variation of the loaf with dates that the local baker had made. They did not know the “ølands wheat” but used a different local traditional wheat variety. My grains I pick up just around the corner in a small town Forum outside Esbjerg, where they have cereal and flour of excellent quality. As I am the happy owner of a grain mill, I grind all the grain I can handle, but “pre-grinded” flour can of course be used.

Bread with dates

Bread with datesIngredients

3 dl of lukewarm water
200 g whole grain flour of øland wheat or similar
100 g of whole grain flour of rye
200 g white flour flour, eg manitoba
10 g yeast
1 tablespoon syrup
2 teaspoon salt
15 dates without stones cut in half
1 tablespoon of wheatsour if you like

Ready for raising


Mix water, the whole grain flour, syrup and yeast and let it run in a mixer for 10 minutes. It must have gluten wires before you stop. Let it rest at room temperature until it’s well done and has bubbles. Then add salt and mix again for a few minutes. Finally add white flour gradually until the dough is appropriately soft. It may not be too dry. Give it a high speed mix for a 5-10 minutes and then let raise again.

Ready to bake

Finally, the dates must be added, either at slow speed in the mixer or by hand. The bread is then stretched up (fold it over itself several times) and put into a basket until it has reached a double size.

Bake at 220 °C for 35 min. The bread can be eaten as it is, but also tastes good with butter.

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