Bread baked with enzymes – Tipo 00 and Öland wheat

Bread baked with enzymes – Tipo 00 and Öland wheat

Loaf with baking enzymes
In my search for more airy bread I have come across the “miraculous” baking enzymes. Bakeries have been using them for many years, as it helps in the process of converting starch in the bread and gives more airy and durable bread. You can not see it in a label, because the enzymes disappear during the baking process.

This is no attempt to recreate the bakers bread, but more a method to make a traditional bread more fluffy and durable. I use Öland wheat and Italian tipo 00 wheat flour, both organically and I bake in a cast iron pot. In addition, I raise with the sourdough for white bread I maintain in the fridge added with a bit og eco yeast. Depending on what you want, you can omit one or the other, but the enzymes are a must in this recipe.

Brød med bageenzymer

One teaspoon with top = 8gr


8 gr baking enzyme
1 small bit eco yeast (size similar to a cherry)
1 cup sourdough
300 ml of water
1 teaspoon salt
around 250 gr Öland wheat flour (eco)
around 250 gr wheat flour tipo 00 (eco)

Brød med bageenzymer

Ready to raise

How to

Mix the ingredients in a mixer/food processor. Make sure to keep some of the flour because you need to have a fairly thin dough – it should just be able to handle and be like feeling quite sticky. Let the dough rise till the double – for me it normally takes 4-5 hours. It can easily last a night if you do not use yeast.

Brød med bageenzymer

Ready for the owen

Once the dough has raised run it down again in the processor and then knead it by folding the dough on to itself. I raise it in a basket to double size, but you can also let it raise in a bowl greased with oil.

Once the dough has almost doubled, heat your oven and pot to 230°C and put the bread therein for 15 minutes with the lid on. Then remove the lid and then bake for around 15 min more. It is important that the bread gets dark without being burned, as much of the flavor is in the crust.

Here you can buy baking enzymes

Grill Guru (This is what I use in this recipe – Danish site)
Ebay (I have not tried these)

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