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Bread of Ølandwheat from Forum

Ølandsbrød fra Forum

Close to where I live, I can buy Ølandwheat with a small local farmer. I have tried many different kinds of of this flour, but this one is simply the best. Since I own a grain mill, I grind the flour myself, but they also sell flour that is being sifted. The bread I have made here is very aromatic, as it is exclusively baked on the sifted Ølandwheat. Some would like some white flour (wheat) and that is also nice. Just remember to adjust the amount of white flour (a little more than the half has to be added) as it does not soak so much water as the Ølandwheat.

Ølandswheat can draw a lot of water, but be careful not to kneel too much – in my experience, after 10 minutes you have to be aware that it is not overkneaded.

Ølandsbrød fra ForumIngredients

500 gr sieved Ølandwheat
500 g of water
10 g of salt
150 gr of sourdough (can be replaced with 10 g of yeast)

How to

Ølandsbrød fra ForumAdd ingredients and knead until it sticks together and pull gluten. I use a machine and give it around 10 minutes – until the dough loosens from the bowl. Patience pays off here, but you can probably sense when “it’s there”. In any case, your dough must be quite wet.Ølandsbrød fra Forum

Put the dough in the refrigerator in a covered bowl. Around 12 hours is fine to get the dough to double up, fx overnight.

Take the bowl out of the refrigerator and allow it to rest at room temperature for 1-2 hours and then put on a sheltered table without kneading it. Cut the dough into suitable pieces and gently place them on a baking sheet. Remember to put Sourdough aside! This also applies if you are using yeast, so you will have to the next time.

Ølandsbrød fra ForumTurn on the oven at 250 ° C and wait for it to heaten. First bake for 10 minutes at this temperature and then turn it down to 200 ° C and leave 10 minutes more. Your bread must be dark as it is the crust that tastes!

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