Orange marmalade – the one that always disappears

Orange marmalade – the one that always disappears

AppelsinmarmeladeYes it’s true. Just a mmnent, and this orange marmalade has disappeared and is eaten up. And they always ask for more ;-). It takes some time to cook, as it needs to be done properly to get the right quality, so try to follow the method carefully and get the best marmalade you can make north of the Spanish orange plantations. I need to mention that it is only organic oranges I use – everything has been sprayed with “someting”.

This you what you need to make orange marmalade

Appelsinmarmelade4 oranges, organic
2 lemons, organic
1 bar vanilla
350 grams of sugar, organic
1 pinch of salt

How to cook

Oranges and lemons must be peeled 2 times. First, you have to peel off the skin. Avoid as far as possible the white part. Then the white bitter part is peeled and discarded as it adds bitterness.
Cut the fruits into smaller pieces and remove the kernels and what else comes from white meat from the middle.
Bring it all together in a pan with sugar, salt and vanilla corns.

AppelsinmarmeladeCook at a very low temperature for 30-50 minutes. When it’s ready, the vanilla pod is picked up and then blend it all in a blender or food processor.
Meanwhile, the yellow skins are cut into very thin slices and put in a bowl of water and soaked. I cut across the strips.
Put the skins into the mixed mass, boil to almost boiling point and remove from the heat and pour on glasses. It is important that the skin does not boil as this is where much of the good taste is present in the form of volatile oils.

It is usually not necessary to make the marmalade thicker, but if you like the jelly you can add a little arrowroot or corn starch just before you add the skin.


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